Once you have submitted the information above, our office will contact you with additional forms to complete the enrollment process. Once those forms have been completed and payment has been made, you will receive your Certificate of Enrollment, DOT Policy, Multiple Handbooks, and other additional forms. At this time you can also schedule Designated Employee Representative (DER) training to ensure your company is well equipped to handle the demands of running your program on your side. Please collect your safety sensitive employee information (anyone who utilizes a CDL while working for your company) including social security numbers to complete the next step in the enrollment process. It is also important to obtain any previous testing data that you may have on your employees (past and present). These employees will be the one's who agree to submit to Random Drug Testing as part of the OACH's DOT Consortium Random Driver Pool in accordance with DOT 49 CFR PART 382 & CFR PART 40.

Employee/Driver Consortium Enrollment Form

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

(Signature Required)

Obtaining Previous Test Results

Release of Information Form

(3 Years of Previous Testing History is Required by DOT)